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  Halves by Year - Introduction

In this section, mintages and price guides are given for each regular issue of the Kennedy half dollar.

On the left, you will find a few external links for price guides.

The data for mintages are excerpted from A Guide Book of United States Coins (The Official Red Book) and from U.S. Mint's web site.

According to the Red Book [2005 edition, page 20], "Collectors are cautioned that mint reports are not always reliable for estimating the rarity of coins. In the early years of the mint, dies of previous years were often used until they became worn or broken.

"It should also be emphasized that quantities reported, particularly for gold and silver, cover the number of coins struck and have no reference to the quantity reaching actual circulation. Many issues were deposited in the treasury as backing for paper currency and were later melted.

"... Coinage figures shown for 1964 through 1966 are for coins bearing those dates. Some of them were struck in more than one year and at various mints, both with and without mintmarks. In recent years, mintage figures reported by the Mint have been revised several times and remain uncertain as to precise amounts."

Last revised: 10/31/05

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