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  Intro to Cuds
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Cross-Denomination Error
Lincoln-Kennedy Bowtie

The 37.5-Cent Specimen
A Phantasmagorical Wowser!

The 1974-D DDO Slab Set
Why I Downgraded my Kennedys

Wrong Planchet Error
The Underweight Kennedy

  JFK Half Dollar Errors - Introduction

Here, you will find some statistical information for various errors found on KHDs. Total numbers of known Doubled-Dies (DD), Rotated-Dies (RDs), Repunched Mintmarks (RPMs), and Cuds are given for each year/mintmark of issue.

The term "DDOs" stands for "Doubled Die Obverse" whereas "DDRs" signifies "Doubled Die Reverse." While there are many other DD's, they are considered too minor to be listed here.

The data are based on the latest information found at CONECA's web site at www.conecaonline.org. Only those DD varieties with designations of DDO-001 (and up) or DDR-001 (and up) are counted and compiled here. For varieties that show both DDO and DDR, they are counted separately from other varieties that sport only one of these two.

As of 07/22/06, the highest UVC number, based on which the CONECA data is compiled, is 464.

Overall totals on error varieties are given for all the years as well as for all issues minted by US mints (Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco).

A few links to CONECA's website are provided for more detailed descriptions of Doubled-Die varieties as well as for a convenient Master Checklist.

Here you will also find a sub-section that is devoted to Cud varieties only. [Three other sub-sections, Abraded Die, Rotated-Die and RPM varieties, will be added here in the near future.]

As for the five stories ("The Lincoln-Kennedy Bowtie," "The 37.5-cent Specimen," "The 1974-D DDO Slab Set," "The Underweight Kennedy" and "Panama 1/2 Balboa - Kennedy Half Dollar Overstrikes"), their pictures are displayed under this "Error" (red) section whereas their respective articles are listed under "About Halves" (blue) section. Click on any picture and you will be taken to the other section and vice versa.

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