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  1964 - 1970
  1971 - 1980
  1981 - 1990
  1991 - 2000
  2001 - Present
  Overall Totals

  Intro to Cuds
  Cud Submissions

  Intro to R. Dies
  Rotated Dies
  Rot. Dies Form

  1964 DDs
  1965 - 1970 DDs
  1971 - 1992 DDs
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Cross-Denomination Error
Lincoln-Kennedy Bowtie

The 37.5-Cent Specimen
A Phantasmagorical Wowser!

The 1974-D DDO Slab Set
Why I Downgraded my Kennedys

Wrong Planchet Error
The Underweight Kennedy

The Underweight Kennedy

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