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Is the 1964 half dollar's metal composition the same as the previous U.S. silver half dollar issues?


According to R.S. Yeoman's The Official Red Book, the composition of U.S. half dollars is the same going back as far as the Barber (or Liberty Head) half dollars.  The 1873-1874 issues of the Seated Liberty half dollars (Variety 5) have "arrows placed at the date to denote a change in weight from 12.44 to 12.50 grams."

Weight: 12.50 grams
Diameter: 30.6 mm

The 1964 half dollar's composition:
.900 silver, .100 copper

Net weight in pure silver: .36169 oz.


Isn't it illegal to melt silver half dollars?


It is not against the law to melt them.


What's the melting point for silver?


1,763 degrees F.

However, with an alloy (with copper), the melting point is higher than 1,763 degrees F.

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